Demo: Maximize Business App Performance through Continuous Monitoring

September 14, 2016
FREE FORRESTER REPORT - SOFTWARE AG #1 FOR HYBRID INTEGRATION: LEARN MORE AT HTTP://WWW.SOFTWAREAG.COM There are many levels and purposes for monitoring: Business users need to monitor strategic metrics with a focus on business data; operations teams need real-time alerting and dashboarding; and admins and developers want technical tools to analyze and understand how applications are performing. So, how do we select the right monitoring tool to meet all of these needs? What are the common characteristics we should look for, and how do we continuously monitor these systems? Explore these questions and more in the next webMethods Wednesday session, “Continuous Monitoring and Operational Intelligence” with demonstrations by Ann Marie Bond, Product Manager for the Operational Intelligence products at Software AG.
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Eyes on the seas with the IoT
Eyes on the seas with the IoT

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