Transform Your Business With APIs, Integration and Microservices

January 7, 2021

We live and work in a digital world. But simply providing digital experiences, whether they involve applications or devices, is rarely enough today. When your customers use your applications, they are connecting with your backend data and infrastructures, but they’re also connecting with your brand and your people. They are interacting with your business and your brand, just as they would when they enter your office or a retail location.

This eBook examines how APIs and integration technologies can help your business unlock innovation and solve its most pressing transformation initiatives. APIs play an important role in creating the connections that employees, partners, and customers demand, but publishing APIs alone is not enough. Developing a strategy built on APIs and integration technology will help your organization’s transformation and modernization efforts in three crucial ways:

  • Simplifying digital transformation
  • Unlocking and accelerating innovation
  • Lowering the risks and cost of modernization

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