webMethods 10.4: Announcing webMethods.io Integration (iPaaS)

May 10, 2019
TRY IT FREE: https://bit.ly/2VtVdN7 FREE FORRESTER REPORT: https://info.softwareag.com/NA-iPaaSWave-YT.html CONTACT US: https://www.softwareag.com/corporate/contact/default.html webMethods 10.4 is now GA and represents the Innovation release for 2019. This release provides important enhancements to webMethods in the areas of Integration, API Management and Process. We are also very excited to launch our new cloud offerings under the name webMethods.io, starting with our integrated iPaaS that we are calling webMethods.io Integration. The new iPaaS unifies Integration Cloud and the recently acquired built.io offering to dramatically increase ease-of-use while maintaining the runtime strength built on webMethods. Join Subhash Ramachandran (SVP, Product Management) as he provides an update on the new webMethods 10.4 Innovation release and the newly launched webMethods.io cloud offerings, as well as the roadmap for the webMethods 10.5 Standard release to be launched in October 2019.

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