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FACT SHEET Capgemini's predictive machine maintenance solution turns a costly operational expense into a source of competitive advantage for both original equipment manufacturers and automotive industry suppliers. Business needs Automotive manufacturing necessitates delivering availability and product quality to an already unreasonable high requirement, and the objective is only moving higher. Highly automated production lines are becoming more so; humans are intertwined with robotics and automation, in some cases working side by side, and both instances require the ability to understand precise equipment quality and intervene before an issue occurs. Preventative (as opposed to predictive) maintenance preplans a maintenance schedule to ensure high uptime and optimized use of technicians. But preventative maintenance is expensive and still runs the risk of machine failure, urgent remediation activities and unplanned downtime. From the manufacturers' perspective, this carries the threat of potential product quality issues, yield losses and increased operating costs. The right set of predictive maintenance capabilities, on the other hand, can address these concerns by ensuring that maintenance activities are only conducted when maintenance is really needed—and that replacement components are ordered only when needed. This ensures unparalleled levels of uptime and product quality at a reduced cost. Benefits Capgemini brings to the table its deep automotive industry expertise as well as its expertise in the development of predictive maintenance solutions. Software AG brings its expertise in the Internet of Things (IoT), streaming analytics and process automation. Together, we can help you reduce maintenance costs while improving product quality levels. Benefits include: • Increased equipment availability and higher production quality • Improved operating margins due to decreased maintenance costs from maintaining equipment only when required, not when recommended • Improved remedial planning in the case that maintenance requests cannot be completed during planned downtime periods • Insights into preventative measures, i.e., predictive maintenance is the basis for continuous improvement in preventative maintenance PREDICTIVE MACHINE MAINTENANCE BY CAPGEMINI AND SOFTWARE AG Accurate, condition-based, dynamic predictive maintenance

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