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FACT SHEET Transforming field service operations With a streaming analytics platform that continuously and dynamically analyzes real-time sensor data and a cloud-based platform that helps perfect field service delivery, Software AG and ServiceMax can help you maximize the value of your field service offering. Business needs Selling and managing a service to support your equipment—or your competitors'—in the field is tough. If you're competing against other service providers with a purely planned maintenance offering—or, if you can respond to customer problems only when they contact you to tell you about a problem—it's hard to distinguish your offering from others. Service becomes a commodity. Even worse, good service becomes hard to deliver: First-time fix rates suffer, and the cost to deliver service can explode. Software AG and ServiceMax can lift your field service program out of the commodity realm. Software AG can continuously monitor the data streaming off the sensors in your production environment using dynamic predictive analytics—and detect production problems before they disrupt your operations. Software AG's business process management tools can automatically initiate a proactive field service response through ServiceMax's cloud-based platform. Delivery of the requisite parts can be set in motion even as the field service personnel with the requisite skills are dispatched to the machine needing attention. The result? Higher first-call repair rates, lower costs to service and much, much happier customers. Benefits Software AG and ServiceMax deliver an integrated, end-to-end solution for predictive maintenance and rapid service response. The solution can work with sensor equipment and applications from a wide range of providers; it can scale to meet the needs of the largest distributed organization: • An input-agnostic orientation facilitates on-site data acquisition from any critical system • Continuous dynamic prediction increases insight accuracy and avoids disruptive surprises • Integration enables predictive insights to be actionable, automating the initiation of a timely, appropriate response to production environment issues SMART FIELD SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE BY SERVICEMAX

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