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FACT SHEET Most organizations manage version control, change, configuration and release management using different solutions. CrossVista TEAM Server uniquely integrates these functions, giving you one solution for managing the entire webMethods application life cycle, from development through operations. Now that solution goes one step further by integrating CentraSite. CrossVista TEAM Server updates CentraSite's webMethods assets as part of an end-to-end DevOps process. The result—greater efficiencies in your development, promotion, deployment and governance processes and enormous cost savings. CROSSVISTA TEAM SERVER FOR WEBMETHODS Now integrated with CentraSite for managed end-to-end DevOps Features Platform-integrated release management CrossVista is a next-generation application life-cycle management solution for managing change. CrossVista organizes all project assets around the concept of a "release," which can include all of your program logic as well as traditional configuration files and/or external database assets. This way, all project-related assets are managed in the same consistent way across the life cycle. CrossVista can do this because TEAM Server's version control, change management, configuration management and release management functionalities were designed from the ground up as one integrated solution that can also "understand" webMethods. Integrated DevOps functionality Many DevOps solutions are primarily script scheduling utilities with reporting front-ends. In contrast, CrossVista's DevOps functionality has been layered on top of, and embedded within, the core Platform-Integrated Release Management framework of TEAM Server. This enables all team members—developers, project managers, release managers, administrators and more— to work cooperatively with a shared understanding of tasks and current status. Automated process-driven updates of CentraSite assets CentraSite is an invaluable tool for building, managing and cataloging re-usable assets, such as services, processes, and other related project assets. CentraSite's extensible model incorporates associations between assets and makes it easy for organizations to understand, manage and search for dependencies between various asset types. CentraSite's policies provide timely and consistent guidance to API management, SOA and BPM teams. Like any repository of information, CentraSite is only as good as the quality of the data it stores. CrossVista updates CentraSite's webMethods assets as part of an end-to-end DevOps process. Assets are updated automatically as they move through the end-to-end development and operations life cycle, ensuring CentraSite always reflects the true picture of live assets, their version history and their relationships to other assets as well as the related physical infrastructure. This increases the value of CentraSite by keeping data easily updated an in sync as part of the managed process.

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