White paper: Doing more with your IoT data using historical analytics

February 5, 2021

Each connected sensor in your IoT solution can create thousands—if not millions—of data points every hour. A treasure trove of value exists in that raw data! But to leverage that value, your business needs to store data over time and process, organize and analyze your data properly. That’s where Cumulocity IoT DataHub comes in.
Using Cumulocity IoT DataHub, you can analyze historical IoT data in a cost-efficient data lake of your choice to make business decisions that have impact. Analyzing IoT data from the past enables you to understand trends, patterns, issues and compare with other data and information collected across the business.
Cumulocity IoT DataHub bridges the gap between your IoT data and the larger analytics ecosystem. You gain more value from your IoT data because you know how to make your business more reliable and better equipped to improve the customer experience. In short, you move from “IoT lite” to IoT exceptional.

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Factsheet: Integration Education Package