The pessimist’s guide to microservices

December 21, 2020

Microservices make businesses more agile! More secure! More connected! That, at least, is the rallying cry from the endlessly optimistic business leads who are looking for a silver bullet to solve all of their challenges. And you surely don’t disagree—the potential is there! But with any conversation about microservices, there should be a big asterisk that says, “If all goes well.”

This is your moment to shine. As a pessimist—or perhaps we should say a realist?— you know that with every problem microservices solve, there is the risk of a new problem created in terms of operational issues and governance. The kinds of problems that can bring an app to a messy, convoluted, grinding halt. And when this happens, identifying and fixing the issue is no small task.

The good news in all of this? You—the so-called pessimist—have the potential to be the hero of this story. Some may call you a stick in the mud. The truth is you’re the glue holding the entire microservices operation together.

This guide is designed to help you approach conversations with your endlessly optimistic but perhaps underinformed colleagues. What are those pie-in-the-sky promises they make about microservices that make you roll your eyes? And how do you respond to them without coming across as the naysayer?

If you find yourself in these types of conversations daily, feel free to send the guide along to your optimistic colleagues directly so they can correct the errors of their ways.

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