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  • It’s Not Magic, It’s Innovation

    It’s Not Magic, It’s Innovation

    We are proud to announce that Gartner has named Software AG a Leader in its 2018 “Magic Quadrant* for Full Life Cycle API Management.”  

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  • How to IoT: EA and IT Portfolio Management

    How to IoT: EA and IT Portfolio Management

    In our previous blogs, we established that organizations are tired of hearing what the Internet of Things is; instead they want to know how to do it.

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  • Integrating Integration with APIs

    Integrating Integration with APIs

    Independent API management vendors seem to be a bit redundant these days, with organizations now viewing API management as an extension of integration platforms.

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  • APIs to Enable “Self-Service” Integration

    APIs to Enable “Self-Service” Integration

    A decade or two ago, IT was all about applications. Whether it was a word processing app, a spreadsheet, a back office reconciliation system or a database, each application was the...

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  • APIs will get their SWAGGER back

    APIs will get their SWAGGER back

    The Swagger API framework is becoming the de facto standard API description and visualization framework for REST APIs. Initiatives like the Open API Initiative are further standardizing...

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