DevCast Demo: webMethods AppMesh: Gain Control of Cloud-Native Apps with Microservices

May 15, 2020

LEARN MORE Microservices are gaining ground in businesses looking for first-mover agility. With a microservices architecture, IT leaders can compartmentalize services with different requirements, speed up development by allowing teams to operate independently, adapt to rapidly changing requirements, and be massively scalable. But running in a distributed cloud architecture introduces new challenges in operational complexity. How are these services in different cloud containers going to find each other? How will they connect? How will they detect failures and retry? When there are issues, how do you troubleshoot them? Service mesh providers like Istio have tackled these problems with tools for service-to-service communication, security and fault tolerance at the network layer. But they lack awareness needed to manage your services as business applications. Modern apps need to segment consumers to optimize and personalize product delivery. They need to track usage and model behavior. And they need to provide advanced user authorization and protect private data. webMethods AppMesh redefines the expectations for developing and operating cloud-native apps, enabling businesses to get value faster. During this demo, learn how you can use the powerful functionality of AppMesh to: • Expose a microservice as an API that can be governed and shared • Using microgateways as a control plane, do context-aware transformation and routing without any change to the underlying microservices • Seamlessly integrate a new brand service into an application to expand its capabilities • Gain deep visibility into the behavior of the app and its users

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